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I Am The Source


Students will make a personal commitment to help keep our sources of water clean. As a class or in groups, students will   one by one tell what they are going to do to protect our sources of water and then place their thumbprint on the poster. Students are encouraged to become part of the solution to help keep our sources of water clean and become stewards of the environment. 


Earth and Space Systems, Grade 2 (Air and Water in the Environment)

Air and water are a major part of the environment. Living things need air and water to survive. Changes to air and water affect living things and the environment. Our actions affect the quality of air and water, and its ability to sustain life.
  1. assess ways in which the actions of humans have an impact on the quality of air and water, and ways in which the quality of air and water has an impact on living things;
  2. investigate the characteristics oc air and water and the visible/invisible effects of and changes to air and/or water in the environment.;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which air and water are used by living things to help them meet their basic needs.


This activity is part of the Water Protection Theme.