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Pioneer Water Race


Students will be encouraged to examine the importance of water to the survival and success of the pioneers. Taking a trip back in time, students can investigate how farm buildings were located near a water source, how pioneers obtained the water needed for animals and the family, and how much water was required. Discover hand power and the role of the child in pioneer families. Help us fetch a bucket! (Participate in the Water Carrying Race). 

Level Expectations:  

Heritage and Citizenship, Grade 3 (Early Settlements in Upper Canada)
Students investigate and describe the communities of early settlers and First Nation peoples in Upper Canada around 1800. 
  1. Students also compare communities of the past with those of the present.
  2. use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate information about interactions between new settlers and existing communities, including First Nation peoples, and the impact of factors such as heritage, natural resources, and climate on the development of early settler communities
  3. compare aspects of life in early settler communities and present-day communities.
This activity is part of the Water Attitude Theme.