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Run Off or Recharge


Plants help fight erosion and play an important role in the earth's recharge zones. Through use of a model, students can investigate how asphalt, grass and soil affect runoff or recharge.

Level Expectations

Earth and Space Systems, Grade 3 (Soil in the Environment)

Soil is made up of living and non-living things.

The composition, characteristics, and condition of soil determine its capacity to sustain life.

Soil is an essential source of life and nutrients for many living things.

Living things, including humans, interact with soils and can cause positive or negative changes.

  1. assess the impact of soils on society and the environment, and of society and the environment on soils;
  2. investigate the composition and characteristics of different soils;
  3. demonstrate an understanding of the composition of soils, the types of soils, and the relationship between soils and other living things. 

This activity is part of the Water Protection Theme.