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Trevor Trout (Story & Activity)

Come along on an adventure with Trevor Trout. Students actively participate in a story about Trevor Trout and his journey along the St. Marys River in Sault Ste. Marie. Along the way they’ll see what happens when Trevor comes across different things that can pollute our rivers, streams and lakes.

Activity Description

Students take part in the story by taking turns adding different contaminants (represented by soil, salt, raisins, coffee etc.) to a small aquarium with "Trevor Trout" a fish shaped sponge. Together we follow him in a story along the St. Marys River as Trevor encounters different types of water pollution and we'll brainstorm ways to reduce our impact on the river and its inhabitants.

This activity centre is part of the Water Protection theme.

Curriculum Links

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 1 (Needs and Characteristics of Living Things)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 2 (Air and Water in the Environment)

Fundamental Concepts

Sustainability and Stewardship