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Water Cycle Wrist Bands

Carry the water cycle on your wrist! Have fun crafting and learning that all the earth’s water is part of an endless cycle called “The Water Cycle”.

Through making their very own beaded wrist band students discover how water moves from lakes, river and streams to the sky by evaporation and transpiration by the sun, into the air as clouds or condensation, and back to the earth again as precipitation.

Students will also learn how they can personally be part of helping to keep our local water resources clean and protected from contamination and why water conservation is important.

Activity Description

Each participant will be given the opportunity to learn about the water cycle and to make a “Water Cycle” wristband by threading different coloured beads on a string. Each bead represents a part of the water cycle. By rotating the beads around the wristband, students can recreate the water cycle.

This activity centre is part of the Water Science theme.

Curriculum Links

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 1 (Needs and Characterists of Living Things)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 1 (Daily and Seasonal Changes)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 2 (Air and Water in the Environment)

Understanding Matter and Energy, Grade 2 (Properties of Liquids and Solids)

Fundamental Concepts

Sustainability and Stewardship, Energy, Matter