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Alien Invaders

It’s an Invasion! Invasive Species are taking over the wetland. Find the classmate with the same native plant id card as yours before your card is taken by an Alien. The race is on to see who can survive.

Activity Description

Students learn that Invasive Species out compete native species for resources. Plants and animals each have a role to play in a healthy ecosystem, but the introduction of a species that out competes them can have a significant impact. Each student receives a “Native” or “Invasive” wetland plant id card. Students must find their match or risk having their card taken by an “Invasive Species”.

This activity centre is part of the Water Protection theme.

Curriculum Links

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 5 (Conservation of Resources)

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 6 (Biodiversity)

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 7 (Interactions in the Environment)

Fundamental Concepts

Sustainability and Stewardship