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Rolling Thru The Shed

Join us as we trace the life of a water drop as it moves through a watershed. See what gets stuck to water as it travels. Work backwards as a detective to find out where the different materials came from in the watershed.

Activity Description

Students wear velcro vests and roll across mats (watershed: road, river, air, lawns, agriculture) littered with pieces of felt which represent contaminants. Students will learn that even things that are not placed directly in the water can still be picked up by it.

This activity centre is part of the Water Protection theme.

Curriculum Links

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 1 (Daily and Seasonal Changes)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 2 (Air and Water in the Environment)

Understanding Matter and Energy, Grade 2 (Properties of Liquids and Solids)

Understanding Earth and Space Systems, Grade 3 (Soils in the Environment)

Fundamental Concepts

Sustainability and Stewardship