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Eggs to Adults

Did you think hatching was just for chicks? Not a chance! From fish eggs to adults, we explore what condition the fish needs to survive. See how groundwater does its part to provide water to fish spawning in nature.

Activity Description

Students will fish for facts about freshwater fish and how clean water is important to their growth, life cycle and survival.  Using magnetic fishing rods and dipping the “hook” of their fishing rod into an imaginary pond (concealed bin) students will take turns to “catch” a question and discuss the answers as a group.

This activity centre is part of the Water Science theme.

Curriculum Links

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 1 (Needs and Characteristics of Living Things)

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 2 (Growth and Changes in Animals)

Understanding Life Systems, Grade 4 (Habitats and Communities)

Fundamental Concepts

Sustainability and Stewardship