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Property Information Requests

Please note that in order to release property information we require written permission from the legal property owner.
If you are not the legal owner of the property you are inquiring about you are required to submit a completed Landowner Authorization Form.
There are generally four types of requests for information:
Informal Property Inquiry
Consists of general information with regard to whether or not a specific property falls under the jurisdiction of Ontario Regulation 176/06 and a brief explanation of information regarding the SSMRCA permitting process, if applicable. No site visit is conducted and there is no fee for general information given to a property owner verbally.
Formal Property Inquiry
For information with regard to how Ontario Regulation 176/06 may affect a specific property, landowners, purchasers, financial institutions, real estate or law offices can complete a Property Inquiry Request Form and submit it to our office with the associated fee. In response to your inquiry you will receive written confirmation of general applicability of Ontario Regulation176/06 jurisdiction and restrictions if applicable.
Preliminary Development Technical Assessment
For detailed information you may wish to arrange an on-site meeting with a SSMRCA staff member. This type of request is recommended for clients who have specific development plans and want to discuss site specific restrictions and recommendations. Please complete a Preliminary Development Technical Assessment Form and submit it to our office with the associated fee. In response to your inquiry a site visit will be conducted and you will receive written confirmation of the outcome with regard to Ontario Regulation 176/06 jurisdiction, restrictions and site specific recommendations.