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SPC Member Biographies

Mark Howson, Chair

Mark has a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Waterloo University and a Master Degree in Business Administration from Lake Superior State University. He was employed at Essar for 30 years. Mr. Howson has been very active in the Public Utilities, elected as commissioner for ward 3 from 1994-2000, serving as chair in 1997-98. He was then appointed to the board of directors of PUC Services, PUC Inc, and Chair of the Public Utilities Commission from 2000-2015. Mark also served on the Finance and Audit Committee of PUC 2000-2016. Mark currently serves on the Governance Committee, Executive Committee, and Finance and Audit Committee. He serves at the Provincial level on the Board of Directors of the Ontario Municipal Water Association from 1995 to present and as the OMWA’s president in 1998-99.

Catherine Taddo, City of Sault Ste. Marie

Catherine is originally from Thunder Bay and received her Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1997 from Lakehead University. She moved to the Sault in 1998 to work as a Project Engineer for Walker Engineering. In 2006, she accepted the position of Municipal Services Engineer with the City of Sault Ste. Marie and moved into the role of Land Development and Environmental Engineer in 2011.

Hal McGonigal, Township of Prince

Hal has been a resident of Prince Township since 1988 and the General Director at FedNor. He obtained his B.Sc. Forestry as well studied land use and resource management at Toronto University. At one time Hal was involved in Communities Quality Initiative, Tourism Solution Council, Public Utilities Commission and SSMRCA Technical Advisory Committee for Shoreline Management. Currently Hal participates in Community Development Corporation of Sault and Area, Ontario Woodlot Owners Association and SSM Multi-Modal Transportation Committee.

Andrew Hallett, PUC Services Inc.

Andrew obtained his B.Sc. Water Resource Engineer at Guelph University in 1993. That year he went to work for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in Burlington before transferring to the Sault. In 2006, he accepted the position of Water Distribution Engineer with P.U.C. Services Inc. and now resides here with his wife and children.

Roy Bertolo, Aggregates Representative

Roy received his B.A. from Western University and Honours Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Windsor. Roy was a member of the board of Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association and currently President of Brandes Aggregates Limited and Chairman of the Board of The Ontario Aggregate Resources. As a lifelong Sault resident, Roy has a keen interest in the development of sustainable resource utilization strategies, protection of our natural heritage and quality of life in this beautiful and fragile area.

Laurence Woolley, Sault Ste. Marie Resident

Larry, born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, worked in Algoma Steel as an Ironworker. He is involved in the community and currently sits on several boards including the Legal Clinic, Soup Kitchen and St. Johns Church. He also delivers meals on wheels for the Davey Home and Good Food Boxes for the Soup Kitchen. One of his special interests is protecting the vital source of life – WATER.

Ralph Yanni, Sault North Resident

Ralph is a lifelong resident of the Sault. He obtained his B.Sc. Forestry at the University of Toronto. He worked for the Forestry Industry for eleven years, the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority for twenty-four years and the B.C. Forest Service for five years retiring in 2001. Currently Ralph is a member of the Sault North Waste Management Council. Ralph and his wife reside in Aweres Township.

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