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Help your child become a #NatureNut!
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We're here to help students, families, and teachers. That's why we've decided to share some of our educational resources with you. We have some fun and educational ideas for you to do at home. 
Observation Station
Create your own "Observation Station. Spend 5-10 minutes a day at your observation station. Draw or write what you see out your window......look for animals, birds, bees, spiders, and trees. Download the PDF of this activity found on
Science of Snow
Put snow in 3 bowls. Bring them inside. Put 1 in the window, 1 in the fridge, 1 under the bed. How long do they take to melt? Once they've melted, put 1 in the freezer. Have an adult put 1 in a pot to boil. How does water change? Solid/Liquid/Gas. 
Download the PDF Water Cycle Placemat.
Watch a fun video related to the Water Cycle.
Weather, it’s all around us. It affects lots of things we do. Weather helps us decide what to wear, what to do, and even what to eat. Download the PDF of this lesson plus two fun activities.
Catch the Rain
Have you ever wondered how much rain is really falling when you watch it rain out the window? Today’s activity is to measure and track how much rain falls in a day. This fun and easy hands-on science experiment can lead to discussions about the water cycle.

Keep track of your rain gauge data on the Catch the Rain worksheet or graph it over weeks or even months.

Signs of Spring

Thanks to our friends at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority if you're a #NatureNut, you can check out the Signs of Spring in a video, then fill out the worksheet to explore signs of spring and the changing seasons. Activities include: Word Scramble, Nature BINGO, ‘Signs of Spring’ Challenge, and more! You can find more #AtHomeWithNature  resources at