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Client Service Standards Policy

The Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority’s (SSMRCA) goal is for staff to work together to provide a high standard of effective and efficient service to all our clients. In pursuit of this commitment, we will provide information, advice, and service in a helpful, fair, consistent, and respectful manner. The full policy can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Who are our clients?

  • customers of all our programs and services
  • community, business, and key stakeholders
  • education institutions
  • municipal, provincial and federal governments
  • the public, including visitors from outside our watershed

Our commitment to our clients. We will:

  • provide client service that is timely, welcoming, and helpful
  • provide knowledgeable, professional, and courteous service
  • treat all clients with respect, fairness, openness, and equality
  • ensure it is easy and convenient to contact us
  • maintain client confidentiality and abide by all privacy legislation
  • ensure services are accessible and provide information in alternate formats upon request
  • ensure our service locations are safe and healthy environments
  • meet with walk-in clients where possible or arrange for a follow-up if staff are unavailable

Our client service standards. We will:

  • answer telephone calls in person whenever possible during office hours; or when not possible, ensure that messages are responded to or forwarded to appropriate staff within two business days.
  • strive to acknowledge receipt of mail, voicemail, and email within two business days.
  • for extended absences, ensure that all staff provide information on voicemail greetings and automated e-mail responses for alternative contacts
  • explain our processes, using plain language wherever possible, and provide more detail or explanation when asked
  • post notice of holidays and service disruptions on our social media accounts and website and whenever possible

What we expect from our clients:

As the SSMRCA will make every effort to provide the best possible client service experience, staff must also be provided with a safe, healthy work environment in which they are treated with respect by all those who utilize SSMRCA programs and services.

We ask that you please:

  • behave courteously and with dignity toward our staff and other clients
  • be respectful of posted rules including those regarding parking, smoking, motorized vehicles, pets, and trespassing
  • respect our practice of a ‘no gifts’ policy

Issues Management, it is our policy to apply the following protocol:

The SSMRCA is committed to resolving issues that may arise during the delivery of our programs and services:

  • Any dispute of fees for programs and services will be resolved through the most senior SSMRCA staff member first. If not satisfied, a request for the reduction of fees can be considered by the General Manager, finally if not satisfied, the client may request consideration by the CA Board.
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(Approved October 3, 2022)