Current Watershed Conditions
Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority (SSMRCA)
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Our staff are here to assist you with determining if your property falls within the jurisdiction of the SSMRCA and is located in an area regulated under Ontario Regulation 41/24 - made under the Conservation Authorities Act, Part VI which came into effect April 1, 2024.

Before you begin any project on your property, pre-consultation with SSMRCA staff is strongly encouraged.
How can I find out if my property is regulated?
To find out if your property is regulated:
  • call and make an appointment with our staff at (705) 946-8530, ext# 1001
  • send us an email to 
Please note only SSMRCA staff can confirm if your property is affected by O. Reg. 41/24


Work(s) that may require a SSMRCA permit include, but are not limited to:
  • activities to straighten, change, divert or interfere in any way with the existing channel of a river, creek, stream or watercourse or to change or interfere in any way with a wetland,
  • activities in areas that are adjacent or close to the shoreline or an inland lake that may be affected by flooding, erosion, dynamic beaches or unstable soil or bedrock other areas in which development should be prohibited or regulated.
  • Development activity means,

(a) the construction, reconstruction, erection or placing of a building or structure of any kind,

(b) any change to a building or structure that would have the effect of altering the use or potential use of the building or structure, increasing the size of the building or structure or increasing the number of dwelling units in the building or structure,

(c) site grading,

(d) the temporary or permanent placing, dumping or removal of any material, originating on the site or elsewhere;