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About Source Water Protection

What is Source Water Protection?

Water, it's the one resource every living thing on our planet depends on to live.
Drinking Water Source Protection is the first step in a multi-barrier approach to protecting the sources of drinking water before they become contaminated. The focus of Source Protection is on prevention, whereas conventional water treatment focuses on removing and treating potential contaminants already in the water. In today's society water is critical for not just personal use, but for transportation, industry, agriculture and recreation. Most importantly we depend on it being a clean and abundant source of drinking water.
Preventing contamination is a much more effective and proactive way of ensuring clean drinking water and in turn avoiding serious health issues.
The Ontario Clean Water Act requires municipalities and stakeholders to work together to develop watershed-based Source Protection Plans. Source Protection Plans protect the sources of municipal drinking water supplies for municipal drinking water systems.
The local Source Protection Committee with guidance from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks composed the Sault Ste. Marie Region Source Protection Plan.
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