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Do You Own A Private Well?
Posted: May 15, 2018

Do you live in Ontario? Do you own or use a private water well?

Please take 10-12 minutes to add your voice to a province-wide conversation about what you use your well water for, what you think about your well water, and how you protect your well water.

The following survey is part of a partnership between Public Health Ontario, Queen’s University, McMaster University and Dublin Institute of Technology. The information will contribute to a research project lead by Dr. Anna Majury called, “The WELLness Project”. This project looks at the knowledge gaps of private well care. This information will help a separate project create a future tool or smartphone application for private well owners. The study has received ethics review from Public Health Ontario.
We are interested in surveying people who have a well on their property. We ask that the person taking the survey owns the well. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Surveys will remain private and nameless. We will not use your name or personal information to determine the identity of participants or their property. The survey has 38 questions, and you may choose to skip any of the questions if you do not wish to answer. The survey will take approximately 12 minutes to complete. Once you finish the survey you will be unable to withdraw your responses.