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Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority (SSMRCA)
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Drinking Water Threats

                   Fuel Storage & Handling                                               DNAPLs                                                           Organic Solvents
                              Road Salt                                                     Commercial Fertilizer                                               Pesticides
                     Highly Vulnerable Aquifer




                      Wellhead Protection Areas                                 Intake Protection Zones                                   What Landowners Can Do 



                      RMO and RMI Fact Sheet                                 For Real Estate Purchasers                                  For Real Estate Agents



               Source Water Protection Primer                              Plain Language Guide



Conservation Ontario Resources

Conservation Ontario Implementation Modules:



Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

The Source Water Protection - Education and Outreach Resource Catalogue contains fact sheets on drinking water threats and information on how to reduce the risks associated with them.

The Source Water Protection Primer

The Source Water Protection Primer by Pollution Probe, has been created to inform public discussion on what source protection is and how we can make it happen.

Download Primer

The Well Aware Booklet (2011)

This booklet guides you through the life cycle of a well, how to maintain your well, and shows you how your well affects water quality.