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Online Screening Maps

Only SSMRCA staff can confirm if a property is affected by O. Reg. 176/06.
It's important to remember that the mapping provided is for screening purposes only and shows the approximate regulated area.  The text of Ontario Regulation 176/06 overrules any mapping illustrated for viewing. The mapping provided is subject to change. In the event of a dispute, a site-specific decision will be made by the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority Staff.
Follow the directions below to view a map online. 
1.  Go to
To toggle different layers on or off of the map select the information you want to display from the layers menu on the left hand side of the application. The layers menu also contains all the legend information for each layer, this information can be hidden or displayed by clicking the arrow to the left of each individual layer. Please note that some layers can only be veiwed when zooming in closer to the map.

2.  Under "General Layers" select the following layers: Addresses, Streets, Floodline 2019, Parcels and Regulation 176_06.

3.   To view a specific property address,  type the address into the box in the upper right-hand corner and click on the magnifying glass. A black dot will appear on the map to indicate the property location. You may have to zoom in to see the selected address or property.

4.   If the address/property you selected is in a green shaded area it may be regulated and require a permit from the SSMRCA for development, construction, filling or excavation.

The SSMRCA strongly encourages clients to contact one of our client service representatives at 705-946-8530 to discuss any proposed development, construction, filling or excavation projects early in the permitting process.