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Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel

The Bennett-West Davignon diversion channel was completed in 1979 and is 6.5km in length. The drainage basin originates in a large marshy area in the north western part of Sault Ste. Marie and the headwaters of the West Davignon Creek are in the Allard Lake area. This project was intended to minimize flooding west of Goulais Avenue between Third Line and the St. Marys River.

Bennett-West Davignon Diversion Channel

The Bennett-West Davignon flood control channel diverts water from the Bennett Creek to the West Davignon and then along Brookfield Road, across Wallace Terrace and Allen's Side Road, into the Leigh's Bay Creek and subsequently into the St. Marys River.


Routine maintenance of the flood control channels involves grass cutting along the top and banks of the channels to discourage brush and other vegetation from becoming established within the flood control channel and obstructing the flow of water.