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Flood Warning Messages

food happensMonitoring weather and flood conditions is a shared responsibility of Conservation Authorities, OMNR, and Environment Canada. The OMNR Surface Water Monitoring Centre in Peterborough monitors weather forecasts and water levels across the province, providing the information to Conservation Authorities. Other information is also available from Environment Canada.
When flooding is possible or about to occur, the SSMRCA issues flood messages to municipal emergency management officials and the media. The municipal officials then take action to warn local residents. The SSMRCA also takes action to control water levels and reduce flooding through the maintenance and operation of five flood control channels, the Fort Creek Dam and reservoir.
The CURRENT WATERSHED CONDITIONS indicator is located at the top of the SSMRCA homepage. In addition, flood messages may be listed under Latest News, Tweeted and/or posted on the SSMRCA Facebook page. Members of the public can also contact the Conservation Authority Office at 705-946-8530.

What If A Message Is Issued For Your Area?

  • Take heed of the message issued.
  • Be prepared to follow the advice and instructions of emergency response authorities.
What are the differences between Flood Warning Levels?


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