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Forest Management

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The SSMRCA owns and manages approximately 2,070 hectares (5117 acres) of land that contain five conservation areas as well as the Headwater and Burke Properties.
The 5 conservation areas are:
Hiawatha Highlands
Fort Creek
Mark's Bay
Shore Ridges
Gros Cap
The SSMRCA properties cover nearly 7% of the City of Sault Ste. Marie and the Township of Prince. To ensure that the diversity within the SSMRCA properties will be maintained for future generations, the SSMRCA engaged in a public consultation process in order to determine the best way to develop a plan to manage the properties.

Forest Management Plan Development

Prior to a new Forest Management Plan being written for the SSMRCA, a Forest Management Committee was organized consisting five members representing the following sectors : Sault College, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Local Environmental Business, the Sault Naturalists, Soo Finnish Nordic Ski Club. This committee was responsible for developing the objectives for the new Forest Management Plan and assisting in the selection process for a consultant that would write the Forest Management Plan. The resulting recommendation was then approved by the Conservation Authority Board.
A public consultation session took place as part of the forest management planning process. All stakeholders comments were taken into consideration prior to final approval of the Forest Management Plan. A further public consultation period occurred before the final draft plan was brought to the Board for approval.
The primary objectives of this plan were:
  • Watershed Protection
  • Long Term Forest Health
  • Environment
  • Financial Stability
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Recreation
  • Enhanced Community Involvement and Communications
  • Social, Cultural, Research and Educational

2018 Managed Forest Plan

The Managed Forest Plan is a guide for forestry activities, including forest management, provisions for wildlife habitat, recreation and education. It provides the overall direction for an ecosystem-based approach to the management of the SSMRCAs forested properties.
The Conservation Authority’s commitment to healthy forests encompasses all of its property, although it should be noted that these are not Crown forests and as such stewardship responsibilities differ.
Sustainable forest management is based on considering social, economic and environmental values when planning and implementing forest management activities and providing people with jobs, recreational opportunities and a healthy, sustainable forest, now and in the future.
Our new Managed Forest Plan for 2018 – 2027 is available to download or view at the bottom of this page.


TD Tree Day with the SSMRCA

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pdf.png file type SSMRCA Managed Forest Plan Final - 2018-2027
(SSMRCA Board approved Managed Forest Plan Final Draft on June 20, 2017.)