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Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority (SSMRCA)
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The SSMRCA has a small stewardship program that includes:

Low Water Advisories

Conservation Authorities throughout Ontario have been delegated the responsilbility by the Ministry of Natural Resources to coordinate Water Response Teams organized on a watershed basis.

Ontario has experienced lower than average precipitation and low water levels since 1998, some Great Lake water levels (Superior, Huron) have been lower than they have been for many years, and tributary flow has decreased.

Ontario Low Water Response is intended to ensure provincial preparedness, to assist in co-ordination and to support local response in the event of a drought. This plan is based on existing legislation and regulations and builds on existing relationships between the province and local government bodies.

For more information see: Ontario Low Water Response - Low water conditions reports, information and maps

Tree Planting

The SSMRCA lends their support annually for the TD Tree Day in Sault Ste. Marie which is held in September.

Healthy forests and urban green spaces play important roles in maintaining a healthy planet. By participating in TD Tree Days, community volunteers actively support forest stewardship, while making a real contribution to the well-being of their community and environment.

In addition to their aesthetic, cultural and recreational value, the ecological value of forests provide vital functions including:

  • erosion protection/prevention
  • creating oxygen and filtering out air pollutants
  • moderating climate
  • providing essential habitat to birds and other wildlife
  • providing shade and wind reduction
  • increased property values
  • mitigating effects of global warming
  • increased forest biodiversity

Since 2011 this event has seen the planting of over 1000 native trees in the Hiawatha Highlands and Fort Creek Conservation Areas. 

To view pictures from the TD Tree Days check out our Photo Gallery.